About Us


Masihi Channel is a social media Christian Channel which is spreading the Word of God. Masihi Channel regularly produces videos sermons and upload on YouTube which is available everywhere.

Story of Masihi Channel

Masihi Channel is a small effort to preach the Word of God online. The channel is initially started by Evangelist Pervez Masih. Evangelist Pervez Masih has been recording videos at small level since long and uploading on this Channel. Not all the videos recorded by Evangelist Pervez Masih are available on the channel as some videos could not be edited due to lack of special equipment and funds at early stage.

Reverend Anwar Waheed encouraged Evangelist Pervez Masih and joined the work by continuously sparing time for recordings. Elder Shahbaz Ghulam, Brother Younus Emmanuel and Brother Johnson Prem joined the team and playing important role in the recordings. Evangelist Pervez Masih taught recoding skills to all other team members to strengthen the Work of God. Brother Mushir Joseph from Canada supports the Masihi Channel’s work time to time.

The work started by an individual is now getting stronger by joining more dedicated People of God by the Grace of God.

Masihi Channel does not have a complicated structure. Our setup is simple and we just want to reach more people with the Word of God.