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Masihi.pk is a team of dedicated individuals who are working together in the field of God by the Grace of God. Lord Jesus Christ has sent us to preach the Gospel everywhere. In the area which are physically reachable we go there and preach. But as nowadays social media is also a place where people are available through this technology. There are many harms of this social media as well but we are trying to reach the people on social media to let them know that the work of their Salvation has been completed by Lord Jesus Christ. We record and share the word of God through Social Media on Facebook and YouTube. The recorded sermon is always available to watch anytime.

Masihi.pk started its work in 2018. It is the grace of God that this work is improving day by day. We also learnt many things while working on this project. Visit our Facebook or Youtube page to watch the videos.

You will never find us seeking any funds from you for doing this work. The team has a vision to work with the available resources. Instead of doing nothing and just keep seeking expensive equipment, why not to utilize the available resources.  The Word of God also teaches us the same thing. The available equipment can be managed to utilized if anyone wants to do it.

The only support which we need from you, is to share these videos with everyone you know. Subscribe our YouTube Channel and Like our Facebook page as well. We Hope you will never forget to play your role in this work. Thanks

Following people of God are the part of the team of Masihi.pk. Everyone of them is playing wonderful role in his capacity. This team needs your prayers for doing this work of God. By the grace of God we will do it in all the situations. 

  • Bishop Khalid Pervaiz (Overseer)
  • Reverend Anwar Waheed
  • Brother Mushir Joseph
  • Elder Shahbaz Ghulam
  • Brother Younus Emmanual
  • Brother Johnson Prem
  • Evangelist Pervaiz Masih

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Masihi.pk is a team of dedicated individual who are always willing to work in the field of God by the Grace of Lord. We record and share the word of God through Social Media on Facebook and Youtube.

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